Kaunas Challenge – famous urban adventure race in the old Lithuanian capital.



Navigation with maps in Kaunas city and parks. No special navigation skills are required, but knowing basics will help a lot!  Lithuanian orienteering clubs will help you improve orienteering skills!


Crawl under a net, climb a wall, navigate through tire maze, – those are a few samples of what you could expect in the obstacle part of the course.


Biking allows to cover longer distances and reach more remote areas from the city centre.Expect various types of navigation including following clues.


You will get wet during the race! Please remember that Klaipeda is a port city near the Baltic sea. You are not made of sugar, so won’t melt! Discipline partners Šakarva and unconventional Finnfoam boards are waiting for you!


Black course racers are expected to know rope techniques like rappelling and ziplining. For others it will be a great adventure with no preparation needed. Our ropes partners will ensure the safety and quality of all rope disciplines.

Puzzles / Fun tasks

Various logic or mathematical puzzles will reveal checkpoints that your team needs to find!


This fun discipline awaits for everyone, however, those who do not feel comfortable will be able to race on foot.

Pick your course

Green course 
Course for the first timers at Kaunas Challenge. Great way to learn about adventure racing and spend your day actively. New adventures and experiences guaranteed! If you seek top ranking, exercise a little bit in advance: go for a jog, bike and learn about orienteering, and on event day – bring your good mood.

Blue course 

Seek more adventures and challenges than the Green course has to offer? Sportive and active lifestyle is natural to you? Then we have a challenge ready for you! Choose the Blue course, find a partner and start training. Run, bike, solve puzzles, learn navigation. Attend our suggested training sessions to improve some of these skills.

Red course 

You participate in running or other sports competitions; regularly practice orienteering? Dream to racing against the strongest but don’t feel ready yet? Then Red course is for you! You will need endurance, strength, good orienteering skills, ability to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Choose Red course now and be ready for the Black in the following year.

Black course 

Course for athletes who wish to push their limits during our race. Prior competitive experience is a must. Participants must not only be strong physically but have excellent orienteering skills if wish to complete the full course. Expect up to 9 hours of exercise in the course that sometimes only some of participants manage to complete entirely. It is a serious challenge for serious athletes.

What? Where? When?

S-Sportas, Kaunas, Pramonės pr. 8A

August 23, 2019 (Friday)

  • 12:00 – 21:00 Race packet pickup

Kaunas (Santaka park)

August 24, 2019 (Saturday)

  • 09:00 Black course start
  • 11:00 Red course start
  • 12:00 Blue course start
  • 13:00 Green course start
  • 18:00 All course finish
  • 18:30 Awards ceremony

Sponsors and Partners

Hnit Baltic
Finnfoam - insulation you can trust

Media Partners



JCI Kaunas



Contacts: info@kaunaschallenge.lt; +370 620 24554